Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Easy DIY Macrame

I've been wanting one of these macrame wall hangings for my room and suddenly realized it might actually be pretty simple to try to make one. I always appreciate something a little more if I've put some work into it myself and given it my own personal touch. This was a very basic version, but I did it in an evening while binge watching The Mentalist. It's always a win when I can marathon a project in one night...while watching tv!

Cactus Painted Rocks

This is a super fun craft to do with the kids while they're home for the summer! The only problem here in Phx is where do you find rocks that aren't jagged-y? We got lucky and went over to the water run off area near the park in our neighborhood and found a few! But if you live near a river, snag a few rocks and start painting. This project is so fun! We used a couple of different greens on the little mini cacti. And then to paint the details we used a very small detail brush with an off white paint.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Free General Conference Activity Pages

        We are so excited to hear from our church leaders in conference this coming weekend! I was looking for something that my little ones could both color as well as take notes on to help keep their attention. I hope they have fun trying to match up the apostle with their little toon faces! (I did not draw these by the way... :) The images of our dear leaders are all from

I hope you find this useful! Happy Conference weekend!

Just click the download button below for the PDF!

Tortoise Cinderblock Garden

     This cinderblock garden is now the new home to some pretty cute baby tortoises! My kids picked the flowers and vegetables (all tortoise-diet approved) to feed them! They will spend hours soaking up the sunshine and playing in the fairy garden area inside too!
We glued landscaping fabric to the bottoms of the cinderblocks that we planted in. We used liquid nails as glue. Super easy! Vegetables and herbs are all on vertical the wall and the perimeter has flowers.

Tiny Farmhouse Playhouse

 This was such a rewarding project! We painted this little bare wood playhouse, added flower boxes, and a dinner bell!