Wednesday, August 21, 2019

DIY Oversized Chalkboard Calendar

We have been using a large calendar for our family stuff, but I've been feeling like one twice the size would be nice for the kids to have all of their scheduled things on it! That way when my son wakes up and sees the calendar he can be reminded what day's he needs to bring his cello or what day to wear PE shoes to school etc. It's one more step towards helping our kids be more responsible (so I don't have to feel like I'm trying to always remember everyone's life all the time)!

Sharpie makes some white markers that could be used for the calendar lines, but I used chalk marker since it should get absorbed into the material.  Regular chalk must be used for anything that will need to be erased on mdf chalkboards.

While I kind of wish I could use chalk markers, this calendar was inexpensive to make, and is going to work just great for our family!

Here are the deets!

Supply List

1-- MDF board 1/2inch thick (or thinner) cut to 3' x3.5' ---sanded with fine grit sandpaper
2--1x4"s cut at 45.5"
2--1x4"s cut at 32.5"
220 Grit Sandpaper
Chalkboard Paint (NOT chalk paint) +painting supplies
Stain--I used Special Walnut by Varathane
One inch screws

I was able to get al of the wood and paint/stain for about $35. I had some of the other things on hand like the screws and the sandpaper. I honestly ended up getting both kinds of paint, as you saw in the video. I wanted to experiment with both. If you want a really smooth surface, be sure to sand the mdf board down, and then either pain works just fine.

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