Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Refinished Built In Desk

I wish that I had pictures of this area before I started working on it, but the truth of it is, I get really excited about a project and just dive in without taking before pictures sometimes! I actually did the wood overlay on this wall a couple of years ago, but after painting my kitchen cabinets this last summer I was excited at the thought of painting my desk so everything matched downstairs. It may have taken me eight months to finally want to paint cabinets again, but I'm just super happy to have this area finished!

I used the same general finishes paint which was half Snow White and half Antique White, as well as the Satin Performance Top Coat. For a how to and list of what to use check out the video we made on painting our kitchen cabinets!

 I used two different styles of hardware, both bought on amazon. I really like the satin nickel finish on white--my goal is always to brighten and this hardware definitely contributes!

This is kind of a before picture, just in my kitchen. But the wood on my desk was the same! 

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