Thursday, April 18, 2019

Farmhouse Style Entryway Shelf

       This was a really fast project that we were able to put together in an afternoon AND we were able to make the whole thing with scrap wood that we had just sitting in the garage. We had the paint and stain on hand, so for us, the only thing we had to purchase was the hooks which were about $6! It's amazing how much you can do sometimes with the supplies you have on hand!

We used:
2-  1x6 boards cut to 24 inches
1-  1x3 board cut to 24 inches
2-  2x4 pieces cut to 90 degree triangles
2-  Scrap pieces of wood for the back- we used two 1x3 boards  cut at 10 inches each
4-  Farmhouse style hooks
1 1/2" screws

So after we stained in Minwax Honey, we painted the wood white and then distressed with the power sander.

The back is just ghetto, remember how it's scrap wood? That's why there are black stripes, haha. After all the paint is dry, flip the boards over and screw in the back support boards. Use a square on the side to make sure the boards are sitting evenly relative to each other.

          Flip the boards back over and slap some wood glue onto your 2x4. Place the support. I would make sure you've measured where you would like it to go so it looks even on both sides and then draw a mark with a pencil.

       We placed two screws, one from the back into the angular support and then one on top. No screws were visible at eye level ( just throw some decor on them or paint over :). 

Put your hardware of choice on! This set it from Ace Hardware. There are lots of fun options out there! 

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