Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Rustic Wood Valance

    I came up with this idea as a substitute for a fabric valance and to tie my windows in with the rustic farmhouse look that I have going on.

These window treatments were fairly simple to make. The two boards on the back serve as a support and were screwed into the wall first, then the horizontal boards were screwed in on top. You can also add a support in the middle that doesn't have to be visible if the boards are bowed a little. 

I used:

2-- 1x6" (6ft)
1-- 1x8" (6ft)
1-- 2x3" (6ft--this I was able to use for the supports on two windows)

      I measured the boards together and then just cut my support boards the same length. I liked the look off the board sticking up from the top so I ended up lowering the boards to make it look less two dimensional.

 I stained everything first with Minwax Honey. (How's this for a ghetto can of stain??)

Then I just used a candle to rub wax on some edges so the paint would knock of easily for a distressed look. I used my sanding block to sand off those spots once the paint was dry.

Hanging it was a breeze (with two people, no less, haha). I tried to hang it myself and it was a disaster! Make sure you use a level to get it nice and even too!

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