Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Pallet Wood Heart

      I'm not the biggest fan of Valentine's or Valentine's decor, but I loved how this rustic door hanging turned out!

      With just some wrapping paper and a jigsaw this came together quite easily! I recently discovered the most amazing way to take apart a pallet. My dad showed me the magic of a Saws-all tool... We used his DeWalt Saws-all to take apart a few pallets and it cut those bad boys up like butter--it was amazing!

I wished I had taken some pictures along the way, but I'll explain it anyways and hopefully it will make sense!

1. For this project, I simply drew my heart out on the back of some wrapping paper (with a grid on it), and then cut it out.

2. I laid out my wood and then traced the heart on it with a pencil. I used some 1 1/2" screws and wood glue to attach all the boards together with two 1x2s laid out vertically.

3. Then I used my jigsaw to cut out the heart very carefully.

4. You can also add some white and different pinks to dry brush on for some subtle color!

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