Monday, November 5, 2018

Refinished Cabinets with Milk Paint

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is never a small feat. I did this in our first home where we had a pretty small kitchen and it felt overwhelming--so much so I swore I would never do it ever again.


Luckily I have my sister-in-law to thank for helping me out this time. I would have never done it had she not said she'd help! It really wasn't horrible with two people! We did it during summer break so we had all the kids around which you'll see in our video (below), but we wanted to get in there and get it done!



Tip number one is to do this when your kids are IN SCHOOL. It took us a week and a half to do it with the children around.



We used General Finishes Milk Paint in a mixture of half Snow White and half Antique White. I really love how they turned out. I love this brand because this paint is specifically made for refinishing so there is very little prep work involved. An abrasive sponge worked well to de-gloss, which we used Krud Kutter for,  and we rinsed well with a lint-free rag. We learned that it is best to use a white rag--the de-glosser stripped some of the color from our yellow rags and we were partially afraid it would leave the color on the cabinets. Oh and use gloves! The de-glosser is kind of harsh on skin!

The paint took about three coats to cover and then we used two coats of the General Finishes High Performance Top Coat after they dried.

Pro Tip: don't buy handles/pulls from your local Home Depot--they are so over priced. We were able to get 50 handles for 50 bucks on amazon and they are really nice and sturdy!

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