Friday, September 25, 2020

Fall Wreath Ideas

 We went a little crazy making wreaths this fall. But it sure is fun to sit and craft with a friend!

Buffalo Checkered Pumpkin Wreath for FALL!

We got a strand of eucalyptus leaves and everything else from Hobby Lobby and just used one ring from a metal wreath form.

This one is just a fun quick fall foliage wreath that we did together.

Wooden Ball Autumn Wreath with beautiful faux dried foliage. 
The foliage is from Hobby Lobby but wooden balls are from Etsy.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Pantry Organization Tips

 I am starting to realize how bad I am at estimating how long it will take to complete projects. I whole heartedly thought I could have my pantry organized from start to finish (with four kids mind you) in a quick two days. Well of course I was way 6 days. Luckily I jumped into this project after a summer in the countryside of Virginia where I was working on projects outside in all that taking a few extra days in the air conditioned house felt like no biggie.

In case you are thinking of organizing your kitchen pantry, here are few things I learned along the way...

You definitely want to take your time in the planning stages of pantry organization. There were many moments where I announced I was done, but realized the way I had things wouldn't workout. I really wanted my pantry to be a well oiled machine of intuitive organization where anyone could walk into my pantry and find what they needed--AND my family (kids) could easily understand where everything goes. If I didn't take the time to do this, the system just wouldn't be sustainable. It would turn into a whirlwind of chip bags and cereal boxes all over again.

Next, if your pantry is shaped like mine, the corner in the middle is such a pain to keep organized. And good luck ever reaching anything back in that corner cave! I decided to use Lazy Susans to keep that area organized and reachable. And I'm loving it so far!

Don't create a container with a nice little label for literally everything in the pantry. I had to use the "Kon Mari" method of organization to ask myself, "does this bring my stomach joy?" Because if it's expired and I used it once, or NEVER opened it, I threw it away. I also used bins at the bottom of my pantry for items we were "trying out" but weren't necessarily sure we wanted as a staple yet. 

Another thing we have done that I think will be less of a hassle for the person filling containers (me), is not using the fancy cereal containers. It's dry here in Arizona so we don't worry about the cereal getting weird anyways. I decided that things that we go through really fast, like cereal, would be more of a pain than anything to dump the cereal into a resealable container. But once again, that my only be a good tip if you're going through cereal fast in humidity, and/or live in a dry place like me!

Don't store things on the floor. It just doesn't look as neat. I was able to get some large baskets from Ross for the pantry floor to store food storage items, doubles, and things I wasn't sure I'd buy again. It was only $34 for four, and it looks so much better!

Containers can be found in lots of places, but I was able to make this project a little more cost effective by scanning the Dollar Tree and I was able to get most of the containers there! Even the cute white bins! They do go fast though...

Lastly....I like to keep my sticky things together. When you have kids making pb and honey sandwiches or using the maple syrup for breakfast, there will inevitably be some stickiness. I just like to keep it all off the pantry shelves.  I continued this idea through this organization process but instead of having them all on a tupperware container, I made a Lazy Susan from a circular board that I got from home depot. 

Take your time, do what you know will work for you and your family so can stay organized, and be patient! :)

My pantry is difficult to photograph all in one shot! 

It's funny how I didn't even realize how bad it was until I had it all organized!

Here is a video on where I got the containers!

Good luck, and happy organizing!