Thursday, November 7, 2019

Three Tiered Tray from Dollar Tree Items

I always need more fall decor, don't we all?! It's kind of the best time of year. I wanted to make something generic for fall that could sit out until I put up my Christmas stuff and this was the perfect stand to hold some small pumpkins and greenery. It was easy to make, it just took all day since I had to wait for glue to dry, paint to dry, then flip and paint the bottom and wait for that too... so by the next day I could enjoy it!

Materials (Dollar Tree)

Pizza Pan (Bottom)
Pie Dish (Middle tier)
Cake Pan (Top- and there was just one size)
Two candlesticks

Other Materials:
Spray Paint ( I chose an antique white)
JB Weld Glue (works on non-porous surfaces)

1. Glue your candlesticks to the pizza pan and pie dish. Allow to dry.
2. Paint around the candle stick and the pan trying not to get the top of the candlestick where it will be glued to the piece above it.
3. Assemble pieces together and let dry.
4. Once the glue is dry, keep the stand upside down and spray paint the bottoms of the dishes.
Wait to use for at least 12 hours.