Friday, May 31, 2019

Modern Gold Ring Wreath

I knew I needed one of these pretty little minimalist wreaths the second I laid eyes on one. The great thing was, it was super easy AND inexpensive to make. 30 minutes and she was ready to put on display!

You will need:
Floral wire ring (Michaels--but you may have to spray paint it gold like I did)
Floral wire
Flower bouquet (or faux foliage of choice)

First, lay out your floral arrangement or leaves how you would like them on your wreath.

Then, beginning from one side, start wrapping the stems around the ring--you can also add floral wire. I used both--I wanted mine to hold up to an earthquake and/or soccer ball that occasionally flies through my family room.

Make sure there are no obvious gaps where you'll be able to see the ring/wire.

Then fluff those leaves out and stand back!

 I wanted something to hang next to mine, so we added these little geometric wall vases from Hobby Lobby, and added some faux succulents. I just love how it all came together!

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