Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Repurposed Coat Closet

Sometimes space in a closet like this can be under utilized, especially when you live in Arizona and definitely don't need a coat closet!

Whitney transformed her closet into an organized space for all of her household cleaning items. She also utilized the space up above to stack her food storage. That's about four feet of space that we sometimes don't take advantage of. It's a great place to be able to stack things we don't typically need to access often.


        The goal was to have one side of the closet to have shelves and the other to be a holding place for the broom, vacuum, and mop. 1x3's were cut at 45 degree angles and set up together to create the supports for the solid wood shelves to sit on.

The Kreg Jig was handy in creating some pocket holes to secure the center dividing board to the back wall of the closet. 

After the wood supports were in place, the paint went on, and then the shelf boards were added and painted.

It made a world of difference in being able to store more and be better organized!

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